Nidhogg creator’s Flywrench comes to PS4 next week

Hard But Good: The Flywrench Story

Before the crazed fencing game Nidhogg and its divisive-looking sequel (that’s genuinely growing on me), there was Flywrench, a game “about piloting an aerobatic ship through the depths of space.”

Some of you will know about Flywrench from Messhof’s original freeware prototype or the enhanced 2015 PC version, and many more of you will recognize that name as one of the unlockable character cameos in Super Meat Boy. If you’re totally out of your element here, just watch this trailer.

Flywrench is coming to PlayStation 4 soon — on February 14, for $6.99 — and it’ll have 12 exclusive levels, bumping the total count up to an odd 199. Unexpected news, but very much appreciated.

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