Nicole Kidman FAILS at Brain Training in this new ad

What a shocker. A celebrity has a Nintendo DS in her hands … and is playing Brain Training! Wow, only Brain Age or Nintendogs could ramp up the cliche’ levels. Tom Cruise’s former snatch of the month, Nicole Kidman, has begun her campaign to be the pale face of the DS by advertising that she’s utterly rubbish at More Brain Training, something I don’t find impossible to believe if her ability to play rock, paper, scissors is anything like her ability to pick relationship material.

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Look at her, she can’t conceive that she got a score of 52.  You show that mad Japanese professor who’s boss, Nicole! We’re rooting for you. Speak into that mic. Speak loud and … oh. Oh, well no wonder you’re losing, how do you expect it to understand Australian!? No cookie for you! Still, could be worse, you could be stuck with Tom and his Scientology pals, worshipping the corpse of L. Ron Hubbard twice nightly and frying ghosts off your body with little electroboxes.

Anyway, this works perfectly with Nintendo’s plan to keep their hooks in this so-called ‘casual’ market. All I can do is repeat what was asked in the comments thread for this video — what does a game of chance have to do with your intelligence?

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