Nickelback: Put down Guitar Hero, learn a real instrument

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has been complaining that there are not enough rock bands in the world, and that people should stop playing Guitar Hero so they may lend a hand. 

“I feel like there’s not enough rock bands out there, especially when we go on the road,” Kroeger explains. “It’s tough to find other bands out there, because either they’re making a record, or they just got done touring. So kids: Start rock bands. Set down the Guitar Hero, learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it’s hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together, to get out there.”

I’ve always loved that “go play a real guitar” argument, mainly because it’s deliciously stupid. It’s essentially telling an FPS fan to join the army, or a racing game player to buy a Formula 1 car. I should think that anybody with a real interest and talent in guitar playing would already be playing guitar.

People who have no interest in being Nickelback, however, are busy having fun with their videogame.

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