Nice: SNES on iPad, iPhone is your controller

This is a fun thing. Imagine Super Mario World running in 768p on your iPad. Of course, you’ll have to jailbreak both your iPhone and iPad. But hooking up ZodTTD’s iPhone Super Nintendo emulator and the ControlPad app for iPhone you can have this fancy Mac-lover’s portable SNES. Very cool stuff.

In the video you’ll see the cool user interface and menus — I like how you see the cartridge go into the slot when you select a ROM. You’ll also see how easily the ControlPad app syncs with the iPad, via Bluetooth. It looks like the emulator runs perfectly, though the guy at iEvolution sucks at the game.

Again, this is a cool thing, but I don’t know that I’d ever pick it over tactile feedback, especially for this particular game. Oh, and I guess you would want to avoid throwing your controller out of frustration in this case.

Play SNES on your jailbroken iPad, with an iPhone as controller [engadget]

Dale North