Nice ‘burns: X-Men Wolverine vid is visually impressive

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Today, Activision released a developer diary for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You can view the video after the break. I suggest you do, simply because the texture work on the mutant protagonist’s sideburns is superb. Finally, a developer has created a game that takes facial hair seriously.

I suppose I’m selling the developers a bit short. X-Men Origins: Wolverine appears fun and every bit as violent as Nick indicated at New York ComicCon. I’m especially digging the amount of blood in the game. Check out Wolverine’s shirt and skin as he takes damage. Juicy stuff.

We’ll have a new preview of the game shortly. While you wait, I suggest you ponder how terrible the movie the game is based on is going to be. I have a suspicion that last line of dialogue in the video is from the motion picture.

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