Nibris: Sadness still in development, Children of the Night announced

Polish developer Nibris has been busy — between not releasing any footage of Sadness and losing publishers (and getting new ones), they’ve been working on Raid Over the River and Double Bloob, a shmup and a puzzle game, respectively, for the DS. Even more, Nibris recently announced a third-person, full-color horror game for the DS: Children of the Night. On top of that, it seems that Sadness is still being developed, with a tentative release schedule of Q4 of next year.


Hit the jump for more information, courtesy of a recent Cubed3 interview

I find myself quickly becoming a sort of polygonal St. Jude – the patron saint of lost causes. Between Too Human and Sadness, I don’t know if I can bear any more vaporware. But alas, I’m keeping my hopes up, as it seems that Nibris has found a new, albeit unnamed, publisher, after splitting with Frontline in March.

The big news here is that Sadness is still being developed and may see the light of day sometime next year. Even better, we may get our grubby paws on some conrete footage, something nobody has as of now, at the Leipzig Games Convention or E for All.  

Personally, I commend Nibris for taking the time to make “sure that Sadness is as good as they want it to be.” Their Miyamoto-esque approach to game development will hopefully result in polished and smooth gameplay.

Other tidbits include the fact that Nibris has no plans for Sadness DS, nor will the game use WiiConnect24  

Speaking of the DS, Nibris just announced a new, full-color horror game called Children of the Night. Next to nothing is known about the upcoming title (I can’t even find a press release), as it’s still in the creative stages. A Nibris game in the development stages with little other available information? No way! 

Joseph Leray