Niantic denies rumors of Pokemon Go Apple Watch port cancellation

Still ‘coming soon’

The saga of Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch has been messy.

Earlier this year, Niantic showed off the Watch port during Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote, eventually stating that it would be out before the end of the year. Well, they have two weeks left, and we haven’t heard much about it at all for months on end. Recently a rumor even started up that Niantic had canned the port, leading people to believe that they showed a mock-up of a project that had no intention of seeing a wide release just to help boost Apple’s cachet. This has been going on for months, but in true Niantic fashion, they released a two sentence statement that’s vague as hell — “Pokemon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned!” — over the weekend.

Maybe it was a side project all along, but now that they’re getting called out on it, they’re devoting extra resources to it? Either way, where are all of the millions earned from Go going? We’ve barely had any substantial updates in months, just quality of life type stuff that should have been in from the start.

Pokemon Go [Twitter]

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