NHL 2K10 is the best hockey game EVAR

You’ll have to excuse me if I got a little excited in that headline over nothing more than a very simple teaser trailer (I’m not even a huge hockey fan), but it’s been so long since I’ve seen a DC team or player heavily featured in a videogame (if ever) that I’m a little excited simply because of the fact that Alexander Ovechkin is the main guy for the NHL 2K franchise in this year’s iteration, NHL 2K10.

Of course, it’s also OK to get excited because according to Samit “I know stuff about sports games” Sarkar, the game is looking to add some good stuff to its already solid gameplay, and if you’re a Wii owner, it’s even more appropriate because this is the only NHL hockey game you’ll be getting this year.

If you watch the video below and you scoff and say that that didn’t happen, then you obviously missed one of the greatest goals in hockey history. Yes, it did happen, but the real question is if you can actually duplicate it in the game. I’d imagine that even if the controls actually let you pull it off, setting up the combination of events to trigger it would be damn near impossible. I’ll buy anyone who does do it a milkshake once the game comes out on September 15.

Also, what is up with the game’s slogan? “Is party now?” Are they poking fun at Ovechkin’s accent and Russian heritage with the missing words and backwards “r?” Very odd.

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