NHL 16 goalie trailer shows none of the best things Patrick Roy ever did

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Goaltenders have exactly one job: tend to the goal. Don’t let the puck hit the twine. Accomplish that through whatever means necessary. Force them to the glove side where you make web gems like Willie Mays. Flash the five-hole, then immediately take it away.

That’s what this NHL 16 trailer’s all about. It’s about getting a skate up against the post. It’s about gliding through the crease. It’s about bringing in an NHL up-and-comer to do motion capture work.

Regrettably, none of the goalies in this trailer do any of the best things Patrick Roy did during his career. No goalie bashes Chris Osgood’s face. No goalie handles the puck through center ice and takes a penalty for it. No goalie shoves Stanley Cup championship rings in his ears to drown out the chirping of intolerable loudmouth Jeremy Roenick.

I guess I’m trying to say that Patrick Roy was the best.

Brett Makedonski
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