NHL 10 adds Be A GM mode

Sports simulations, ostensibly, are about recreating the on-field experience in videogame form as well as possible. But as time went on, gamers wanted more out of their sports games; they wanted to try running a team as opposed to just playing for one, which is why most sports sims have some sort of franchise mode.

However, aside from 2K Sports’ MLB Front Office Manager, we haven’t really seen any games (or game modes) that focus solely on the general manager, whose job it is to maintain a team’s roster. Last year, EA Canada innovated in the playing-on-a-team space with the introduction of the vaunted Be A Pro mode, and in NHL 10 this year, they’re debuting a Be A GM mode.

In the video after the jump, you can watch NHL 10 producer Andy Agostini explain how Be A GM works. It appears to be a separate setup from the regular Dynasty mode, and quite a deep one, at that. The GM Tracker gives you a wealth of information about your team and your situation as a general manager, and as you complete tasks (such as winning the Stanley Cup or making a two-for-two trade), you’ll be able to upgrade your staff and improve your team.

Agostini explains that the dev team looked at real-life GMs and found that they’re judged on three things each year: the NHL Entry Draft, the trade deadline, and free agency. So those are the main areas you’ll concentrate on in the Be A GM mode. The video also mentions an all-new prospects game, so you’ll be drafting on real in-game experience, and it announces the return of the fantasy draft as well. Can you perform well enough to be honored as a legendary GM?

Hit up the Inside EA Sports blog for more info on Be A GM mode. NHL 10, with over 200 gameplay improvements and refinements, will be out for PS3 and 360 on September 15th.

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