NFS: Shift crashing on Xbox 360, tries to access PSN!?

This is absolutely hilarious. A ridiculous and peculiar glitch in EA’s new racing title, Need for Speed: Shift, has allegedly been unearthed, and it’s amazing. The title supposedly contains a game-breaking error in which the Xbox 360 version crashes while attempting to connect to the PlayStation Store. You have read that correctly, a 360 game is trying to connect to PSN.

This is just one of many bugs reported to have shipped with Shift. According to reports, the poor game is riddled with problems. The blogger who discovered the PSN connection error describes Shift as “the most bug-ridden piece of code I have witnessed in recent times.” 

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the developers over what is an incredibly embarrassing cock-up. On the other, I can’t stop sniggering at such an amazing failure. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game trying to use one console to connect to a rival network, and I am itching to find out how such a disastrous mistake could have happened. 

Expect patches to be coming out for this thing very, very soon.

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