Next-Gen names Top 100 developers, Ken Levine tops the list has compiled one hell of a comprehensive list of their top developer picks, which is well worth a read if you are work pretending to be busy but actually surfing the internet. Ken Levine sits proudly atop them all thanks to BioShock, which was also chosen as Destructoid’s Game of the Year. More from the article:

Yes, 2007 was a year of staggering achievement and many excellent games. But even in such illustrious company the brainchild of Ken Levine, BioShock, managed to stand out. Levine’s Rapture was a setting unlike anything ever created, and even as millions played it for its inventive shooting mechanics it spoke complex ideas to all who cared to listen. Theories on philosophy and dogma were in there, as were statements on the nature of choice and the medium of games itself. Levine ambitiously took steps with BioShock that games needed to take; the entire field is better for this game’s success.

Of course, if you weren’t a fan of the game, you are likely as sick of hearing about it as I was about Halo 3 a few months ago, so I’ll get on with the details instead of waxing poetic about Big Daddies and morality. Also on the top ten were big names Will Wright, Hideo Kojima and Harold Ryan. I was pleased to also see Jason West at number 3, the project lead of Call Of Duty 4

Check out the full list — being an indie fan, I spent more time nosing around in the higher numbers than reading the obvious top ten.

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Colette Bennett