Next batch of Game Room titles ready for next week

If you are anything like me, you booted up Xbox 360’s Game Room service on day one, did the free trials for every single game available, got all of the Achievements that didn’t require putting down any money, then proceeded to never looked back.

The first set of new titles for Game Room are slated to hit Xbox LIVE on April 28. Here’s what we’re getting:

  • Super Breakout (Atari)
  • Pitfall! (Activision)
  • Megamania (Activision)
  • Night Stalker (Mattel Electronics)
  • Rack ‘Em Up (Konami)
  • Realsports Volleyball (Atari)
  • Basketball (Atari)

A step in the right direction with Super Breakout and Pitfall!, but really now, who’s going to pay three bucks for Basketball? Once these rollouts start adding more recent games that have aged decently, I’ll be interested. Until then, a kind “no thanks!” is in order.

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