Next Arcade Archives lineup includes P.O.W., Salamander, Wrecking Crew, and Naughty Boy

Hamster’s back catalogue continues to grow

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There’s no stopping Hamster Corporation, as the retro-loving publisher continues to pump out hits ‘n’ misses of the golden era of arcades onto modern platforms. The next month will be no exception, as Hamster has revealed the names of some of its upcoming weekly releases.

Among the games headed to the Nintendo Switch are Konami shmups Life Force/Salamander (1986) – which is available to purchase right now – and Flak Attack (1987). Also on the way is NES “Vs.” release Wrecking Crew (1985). Meanwhile, arriving on both Switch and PS4, are Jaleco’s maze game Naughty Boy (1982) and weird shooter Formation Z (1984). Rounding out this collection is SNK’s scrolling brawler P.O.W. Prisoners of War (1988).

All of these titles are expected to be made available for download for around $8 each. For the sake of history it’s great to see so many of these titles being made available, but it’s a shame that Hamster is yet to push into the arcade renaissance of the early ’90s, which brought us so many amazing releases. Hopefully Hamster will eventually mine that fantastic era of coin-op entertainment.

Life Force, Flak Attack, Formation Z, join Arcade Archives [Siliconera / Ryokutya2089]

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