Next 2K Boston game to be ‘something very different’

In an interview with, founder and Creative Director of 2K Boston Ken Levine said that the next game coming from the studio will be “very, very different” than BioShock. What exactly will be different? Levine was not specific, but he said that the new game will focus on “story, gameplay and people’s relationship with the game over the long term,” which is great considering that most games have none of the above.

According to Levine, 2K Boston have answered a call to “swing for the fences [again]” with their upcoming title. Levine had this to say about the pre-production process:

The goal for our next project is something very, very different, so it’s a little scary – because we don’t know what it is, exactly. We’re getting a much clearer sense every single day in terms of what we’re doing, deciding what’s in and out of the game. But it’s going to be aggressive.

I’m all about “aggressive” games that tackle abstract concepts like a person’s relationship with a videogame. Bring it on, Mr. Levine. I’m ready to build long-lasting relationships with more oversized monsters in scuba suits and little girls with massive syringes.

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