News station: Portal 2 is offensive to orphans

A US TV news program has attacked Portal 2 for its “controversial” attack on orphans. WBTV has claimed that Portal 2‘s jokes are “making fun of adoption,” due to the characters of GLaDOS and Wheatley occasionally mocking the player character for being adopted.

Neil Stapel, who has a ten-year-old adopted daughter, said he was “shocked and surprised” by the game’s running joke. He calls it “the worst thing I could possibly have heard.”

The news station plays a clip of Portal 2, coincidentally using the scene where GLaDOS challenges Wheatley to explain what’s wrong with being adopted. Of course, they cut GLaDOS’ line from the clip, so the actual joke — that being adopted isn’t wrong and Wheatley’s insults are stupid — has been taken out of context and twisted to suit the idiocy of the news report. 

Erik Wolpaw has even stated before that the joke is that adoption isn’t a bad thing. Of course, if these news reporters were actual news reporters, they’d know that.

Amusingly, nobody mentions the fact that Wheatley also calls the player character fat and unpopular; likely because Neil Stapel’s kid isn’t fat or unpopular, it’s not an issue. That’s the thing about most parents — they don’t really give a sh*t about anything or anyone, just themselves and the one insignificant, pint-sized little monster they squirted out of their genitals (or in this case, borrowed from someone else’s).

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