News flash: Blood of Bahamut still awesome

Do you know what is going to be awesome? Blood of Bahamut, that’s what. Do you still need more convincing? Check out the new Japanese trailer over at a Japanese website where you can’t read anything but you can still enjoy the wonderfully awesome-looking game. If you’re not excited for this sucker now, then you’re never going to be.

There isn’t much new we can tell from the trailer, but just seeing more is pretty darn exciting. Is anyone else digging the art style of 3D and 2D crammed together? Not to jinx it, but the battles with the giants remind me a bit of Skies of Arcadia too, which is one of my favorite RPGs ever, because it is in fact the best RPG ever. Fingers crossed that this is on the same quality level. 

[Thanks, Perri!]

Matthew Razak