Newest LEGO Batman trailer reminds us that Nightwing looks cooler than Robin

The latest trailer for LEGO Batman introduces us to Nightwing, the character who actually has his roots in Superman mythos, but is recognized by most people as one of the Dark Knight’s sidekicks.

Just like Batman, he is exceedingly intelligent, a skilled fighter, and judging by his acrobatic romp across Gotham in the above video — more fun to take control of in the game than Batman himself. Got to love those blue blurs of pain!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are also three new character screens in the gallery showcasing the shape-shifting Clayface, the “I am the guy who broke Batman’s back in the comics” Bane, and a shot of a Batman and Nightwing — who looks like he went to Cloud Strife’s salon. Think they might be related?