Newest inFamous video shows vigilante mobs coming after Cole

Let me guess — after catching Brad’s post about inFamous yesterday, you suddenly got a hardcore craving for more behind-the-scenes footage; it’s understandable. Thankfully, we have got the cure for your affliction, and it’s beyond the jump as always.

In this video, the good people at Sucker Punch talk about a slew of things, including the tech behind inFamous, how the game can only be done on a PlayStation 3, creating environments that allow for fluid navigation, and some of the differences between playing a hero and a villain (see: badass).

Best part of the video? By far, it’s the section where they show how mobs of civilians will form to take you down with rocks if you’ve been too much of a dick to the city. Of course, you have superpowers, and can obliterate them in a heartbeat, but it’s hilarious regardless.

Jordan Devore
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