New Zoo Hospital Wii Screens

Ever wanted to cut open a dolphin just to see what was inside of it? Me too. When I first heard about the new port of Zoo Hospital, I was under the impression that I could get out all of my mild sociopathic rages. Instead, I’ll just have to sort out my angst of never being able to adequately x-ray a camel.

The DS incarnation of Zoo Hospital thrusts players into the role of an aspiring zoological assistant working at his aunt’s zoo. The game doesn’t focus around the upkeep of the place. Zoo Hospital is all about caring and diagnosing diverse species of animals through a plethora of mini-games. The Wii version is shaping up to be a similar experience, except this time players will be able to explore the animals’ various woes via a Wii Remote and Nunchuck attachment.

Majesco has yet to confirm a release date or tell us if that panda in the gallery made it out of surgery. These screens are all actually quite nice looking. I think Wii owners will be impressed with the near photo-realism exhibited. I’m personally digging the monkey and the macaw. I can’t wait to see what great tragedy may await them.

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