New Zelda amiibo coming later this year

8-bit Link, OoT Link, Wind Waker Link and Zelda

amiibo! Nintendo loves making them, people love buying them. I’ve fallen out of my amiibo craze, or at least, I thought so. Today Nintendo announced four new Legend of Zelda amiibo coming on December 2: 8-bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link, Wind Waker (Toon) Link, and Wind Waker Zelda.

Traditionally, these will work as Link and Zelda amiibos in the various titles that support them. Reggie also mentioned that these amiibo will have special interactions with Breath of the Wild when it releases next year. Man, I want that 8-bit Link to go with my 8-bit Mario, but I also want that Ocarina of Time Link because I need it.

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