New Zealand TV channel copies a PS3 commercial

Kevin Butler, Sony’s PS3 ad spokesperson and President of Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink, is a man who says what he wants whenever he wants. Other people would love to have that level of on-screen confidence. Take the above commercial currently airing on the TV3 channel in New Zealand, for instance. This guy, comedian Dai Henwood, exudes a bit of that Butler charm, don’t you think?

Oh ho ho? What’s this? A Kevin Butler PS3 montage commercial? Why, the two clips are almost frame-for-frame identical, right down to the bad ’80s metal wigs and cloud of confetti. I’d like to believe that the TV3 “mon-tage” was trying to pay “hom-age” to the Sony ad, but let’s be real. This is shameless copy-pasta.

TV3 Rips Off Kevin Butler [ButtonMasher]

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