New Ys I & II trailer , bring your own nostalgia

You like anime cutscenes, you say? Old school turn based fighting? Visiting cookie-cutter towns? The solution to your desires is certainly to be found in Ys I & II DS. If you owned a Sega Master System, you may remember the origin of Ys, which made the rounds to many a console back in the day. The two original titles have been bundled together before for the PC, PS2 and TurboGrafx, but if you somehow managed to miss it before, well, here you go.
The two games will follow in the footsteps of Final Fantasy by adding new graphics and animation and will be sold separately for optimum consumer dollar-milking. I think I might skip it, as I’m kind of over the remakes of old school games right now. I think you have to have the retrogoggles on to enjoy this one, although I do really like the Ys music.
[Screens Via DSFanboy]
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