New Y’s game and remake confirmed for PSP

There was word at an event in Tokyo recently that a new Ys game was in the works, and it seems it’s been confirmed that PSP owners will in fact be getting a brand new title very soon. Called Ys Seven, the title is beign worked on by Nihon Falcom, who are also working on a remake of Ys I & II based on the 2001 PC version of the game.

IGN reports that you will take control of hero Adol Christin from the previous Ys titles for this new adventure, and that the battle system has been retooled and you can engage in “party play”, whatever that may be. I like the sound of that, as I love the idea of being able to play an RPG with other people. Considering the popularity of the Monster Hunter series in Japan, this is probably a plus.

No word on US release dates yet, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll see this game here in the near future. Atlus, you listening?

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