New York is the new Germany; insane legislature crosses the pond [Update!]

Gamepolitics, by way of Gamasutra, reports on a bill that was proposed on January 3rd by Democrat Keith Wright that comes up with some truly draconic rules for the sale of games. From the article:

[the bill] would prohibit the sale of video games “containing a rating that reflects content of various degrees of profanity, racist stereotypes or derogatory language, and/or actions toward a specific group of persons.” According to the report, such games would require retailers to check customers’ identification as a proof that they are aged 30 or above.


So, Mr. Wright thinks video games are more dangerous for our society than cigarettes (legal age to purchase in New York State: 18), alcohol (legal age to purchase in New York State: 21), being shot at by foreigners (legal age to enlist in the military: 18), pornography (legal age to purchase/perform: 18) and accidental immolation via faulty wiring on a carpet shampooer (legal age to rent: 25)? I’ve never wished harm on another human being for the sake of the rest of mankind, but I think we can all agree that Mr. Wright should be eaten by a bear.

[UPDATE: Turns out that Ol’ Nexy is a moron. I suppose that’s what I get for taking Gamasutra’s word on that bill I was talking about above. That quote is from their write up of bill A00547, but the truth is that it seeks to force retailers to ID anyone who doesn’t appear to be over the age of thirty; people over the age of 18 can legally purchase any games regardless of sex, violence or any of that other awesome stuff. I dropped the ball. Dreadfully sorry about that, but I still stand by my call for ravenous bears to eat Mr. Wright.]

Earnest Cavalli
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