New York City schools using Wii Fit to help kids lose weight

This article is over 15 years old and may contain outdated information

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AP is reporting that 25 New York City middle schools are using Wii Fit in afterschool weight loss programs. Five of those schools were graciously donated a Wii and the game by Nintendo.  

The article mentions that the kids are bowling and playing games of tennis. That’s not exactly Wii Fit, but hey, WiiSports has just as much real fitness value. Which, by my estimation, is around zero.

Here’s the thing, NYC schools. The key to losing weight is making solid, healthy food choices and exercising. Virtual bowling or balance board hula hooping is neither of those things. Get the garbage food out of your cafeterias, preach that McDonalds is a sin, and get a treadmill, guys. It’s really that easy.

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