New Yakuza title for PS3 currently in development

This week’s Famitsu has hit the stands and an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi has revealed that the Yakuza team are hard at work on two new games for the series. While we were already aware of a PSP game starring new character, Nagoshi has also made mention of a title for PS3 which is being developed simultaneously.

The game, unnamed as of this point, will feature Goro Majima as a “playable character” which might lead some to suspect that there may be additional characters to play as. Nagoshi also suggested that the game might show something of a departure for the series saying the team, “will be taking a scalpel to the fundamentals of the game systems.”

Awesome. Now all we need are for people in the US to buy lots of copies of Yakuza 4 when it comes here next year so that I’ll be able to play this thing. Make it happen, people.

New Yakuza Game in Development for PS3 [andriasang]

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