New Xbox One offers are better than Black Friday

Also, more hot 4th of July deals!

Who’s more desperate to gain market share in current console generation? Is it Microsoft or Sony? The answer is sort of revealed in the console deals being offered this weekend. Hint: it’s Microsoft.

As of this writing, there are two decent PlayStation bundles on the net. Sony-authorized retailer Antonline is selling PS4 bundles with the newly-released Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Battlefront for $359.99 – just $10 more than the console sells for à la carte.

In contrast Microsfot is all about “Sell, sell, sell!” This weekend the Microsoft Store is unloading the old 2015 / 2016 Xbox One Bundles for $279 to $299 (500 GB vs 1 TB HDD, respectively). The real news is the company is tacking on a bonus $50 gift code, an extra free controller, and a free Ubisoft game. The discounts and bonuses beat out any offer we’ve seen to date, even on Black Friday, with more than $110 in savings.

For those looking for a new HDTV, the Fourth of July weekend is actually bringing us some interesting (and very well priced) HDTV sales. You can now pick up a decently-reviewed 4K 55-inch HDTV for only $430 (yep), or even a Samsung 4K smart unit for $600. For more 4th of July related hardware deals, scroll down for the full list of goodies.

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