New Xbox 360 redesign was cool in Japan for a week

When the redesign of the Xbox 360 dropped in Japan, gamers there got excited and snapped so many up that there was a sales spike of 800 percent. Were they just waiting for a better looking game system? Were they just thinking that Monster Hunter would be better on a sexier system?

That’s all over now. The new Media Create numbers show that the excitement has collapsed, with about 7,000 units sold this reporting period. Compare that to the PS3’s 21,964 units this week. That’s a big drop over last week for Microsoft, which says to me that all of the active Xbox 360 gamers have replaced their ailing systems already.

While we’re looking at the Media Create numbers, we’ll point out that the DSi XL and PSP are still on top with 32,661 and 24, 685 units sold respectively.

Xbox 360 Redesign Losing Steam in Japan [1UP]

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