New WoW recruit-a-friend mount incoming

Extending the life of its program “Recruit-A-Friend” program, Blizzard plans to offer a new mount for veterans that show World of Warcraft newcomers how to grind and survive in the digital plains, dungeons, and cities of Azeroth. It’s called the “X-53 Touring Rocket” and is as wild as it sounds.

According to Blizzard representative “Bashiok,” who relayed the information to users of the MMO’s official message board this morning, the two-seater Touring Rocket “will be replacing” the Zhevra mount reward “in just a few days.” Users who already have Zhevra won’t lose it, but they probably won’t miss it. The Touring Rocket’s speed increases as you mount skill improves. Neat. Probably.

New Recruit-A-Friend mount coming soon [] [image cred]

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