New World Destruction trailer fills me with the DO WANT

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I can’t seem to get enough handheld Japanese roleplaying, and it looks like the above trailer for World Destruction, which tells the story of a band of rebels who want to literally destroy the world of a ruling class of evil beastmen, has added a new title to my wishlist. I want. 
World Destruction has some solid talent behind it , re-uniting three Xenogears colleagues in Masato Kato (scenarist, original Ninja Gaiden and Chrono Trigger),  Kunihiko Tanaka (character designer) and Yasunori Mitsuda (composer, Chrono Trigger and Shadow Hearts) which adds quite a bit of prestige for any JRPG fan. Speaking as an embittered old Sega loyalist, I’m really pleased to see so much good looking stuff being published from the house of Sonic lately, and this certainly looks good. 
Now get into Western hands ASAP, please.
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