New Wolfenstein trailer screams ‘put me on your radar!’

You know developers mean business when they bring the name of the latest installment in a popular series back down to the basics. As is the case with Wolfenstein, which was the focus of discussion for much of episode 52 of GameTrailers TV.

Wolfenstein delves into the paranormal with an alternate dimension called the Veil, offering an explanation as to why you are suddenly able to slow down time, and to of course keep the narrative interesting.

Highlights from the episode include a weapon that allows players to disintegrate foes called the Particle Cannon, and while there’s no Hitler to be found this time around, Raven Software is giving fans an arguably better enemy with Despoil, as seen above. Uh, you have my attention now, guys.

Hit the jump for the “Occult” trailer, which tells a portion of the Wolfenstein story from the Nazi perspective.

Make sure you check out the full episode of GTTV — many, many more specifics are detailed in comparison to what’s revealed in this trailer.

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