New WiiWare titles coming next week: Critter Round-Up and Star Soldier R

If you’re missing your Virtual Console releases (all four of you), I have bad news for you: it looks like Nintendo will be releasing two new WiiWare titles this Monday instead of Virtual Console titles. The horror!

Reps at this past week’s Konami and Hudson media events remarked that the titles Critter Round-Up and Star Soldier R would be released on May 19th. These titles were released at launch in Japan. Critter Round-Up has you playing the role of a farmer trying to keep his animals properly assembled in their pens, while Star Soldier R looks to be Hudson’s WiiWare take on the classic shooter series. That would surely get a smile out of Destructoid’s resident shooter-lover.

Nintendo has not confirmed these titles yet, but I’d wager that I’ll be back on Monday repeating the official version, including pricing.

[Via Wired — Thanks, Adam]

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