New White Knight Story video emerges

Level 5’s Shirokishi Monogatari (which you might know better as White Knight Story) is one of those titles that non-PS3 owners shake their fist towards the sky at. Early on in the wave of PS3 promotional videos, the short glimpse of gameplay from Tokyo Game Show 2006 had RPG fans salivating, and lately eyes have been on Sony’s Japan Studio as a 2007 Japanese release is planned.

A new video has just came out of Sony Japan, and those same salivating RPG fans may now flip over on their backs and begin to sieze, as this new footage looks incredible. We now get to see the gorgeous screenshots from Shirokishi’s Japanese we page in motion, and from the looks of it, Level 5 has created an epic game.

New footage is nice to see as we still don’t know much about this game. Let’s hope that Sony has something prepared for us at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show.

Dale North