New version of The Witcher available, adds nudity

The Internet had a coming of age moment in late 2007 when the word boobs became a more popular Google search term than RPG. Coincidentally, 2007 is the same year CD Projekt RED’s non-boob-laden version the lauded RPG The Witcher hit store shelves. Think how popular it could have been if only CD Projekt RED thought to do a Trends search before releasing a censored version of their title!

It’s a moot point, now. Yesterday, the studio released The Witcher Enhanced Edition: Director’s Cut in North America via a plethora of downloadable services. This version of the title is essentially the European version with all the updates and tweaks Projekt RED has added within the last two years. Also, it has nudity. For the first time legitimate NA The Witcher owners will be able to see Geralt’s “sexual conquest” cards in all their sexy glory.

One caveat. According to The Witcher Web site, there is currently an issue with the Steam release of this edition. No ETA has been listed.

All this titilating The Witcher talk really makes ache for Rise of the White Wolf. Make it happen somehow, Projekt RED. We’ll take a non-booby version if we have to.

Brad BradNicholson