New Valkyria Chronicles 4 trailer introduces more members of the Federation Army

Featuring battle doggo

Sega continues its marketing drive as the release of strategy sequel Valkyria Chronicles 4 approaches. A new trailer introduces us to more heroes from the Federation Army, set to take the fight to the Eastern Imperial Alliance.

The new trailer catches glimpses of grumpy hipster Minerva Victor, tank expert Dan Bentley, out-of-place child Angelica Fanarby and Medic Karen Stewart, complete with her jaunty-hat-sporting sidekick, Ragnarok. Also making an appearance are the cheerful Miles Abegg and the no-nonsense tank commander Ronald Albee.

So far, all of these trailers and reveals paint the game as little more than a tweaked, expanded and improved sequel to previous Valkyria Chronicles titles. They aren’t reinventing the wheel here. But those games are pretty damn good, so I guess it’s just a case of “If it ain’t broke”. Now, if only we had a PC announcement…

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches in Japan in March on PS4 and Summer on Nintendo Switch. It is scheduled for release in the West on PS4, Xbox One and Switch later in 2018.

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