New Valentine’s Day formal clothing hits the Avatar editor

Two new Valentine’s Day themed clothing options are available on Xbox Live. The men’s formal suit and women’s little red dress aren’t brimming with the holiday spirit. Apparently, Microsoft didn’t receive the memo that St. Valentine’s Day “stuff” needs cherubs or else it’s not any good. I wrote that memo last year, after I was burned by my girlfriend. I got her a bag of Jelly Beans at the last minute (part of my charm) and she successfully ignored my presence for two weeks. She never told me what I did wrong, but I deduced through her silence that it had something to do with present’s lack of winged babies.

In the same Major Nelson update that revealed the thrilling — but baby-less — new clothing options, Nelson reminded readers that a star denotes every new item in the Avatar editor. This is an important visual cue needed when navigating the billions of unique options in the editor.

The extra picture in the gallery isn’t of the new red dress. It’s a picture I took while playing Left 4 Dead with my new pal Roshey. Jordan and Zombutler informed Roshey and I about a “really awesome turret glitch” that turned out to do something a little less than awesome.

Brad BradNicholson