New US and UK travel ban impacts Switch on some international flights

Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia

The UK and the US have banded together for a new travel ban that impacts devices “larger than a smartphone,” a category that the Switch is decidedly in. Don’t worry too much unless you go to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, as travel to those countries are the only ones under this ban.

Unlike the Galaxy incident where the device couldn’t be anywhere on the plane at all though this one is a little more relaxed, as you can stow these select units in a checked bag. Both bans were passed just this week.

I haven’t taken my Switch on a plane yet, but I’m musing with the idea in the next few months. It seems fun enough to play in full handheld mode, but I would be wary of placing it on a tray table with that weak kickstand so turbulence can flip it up in the air.

UK bans laptops and tablets on flights from six Middle East countries [The Guardian]

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