New Uncharted 2 screens prove that Nathan Drake needs some kind of vest

There’s no denying that the upcoming PS3 Naughty Dog title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves looks good. Damned good. And these new screens that came out today look better than everything else we’ve seen. Enjoy them at your leisure in our gallery below.

But we noticed and realized something while looking at this last batch of shots. If protagonist Nathan Drake is always doing this one man against the world thing, shouldn’t he be wearing something more than a casual long-sleeved t-shirt? I mean, really!

Just as in the previous game, this dude is constantly dodging a shower of bullets. And by the looks of it, he finds himself in the snowy mountains later. Just as you’d do anything to keep warm in the cold, you think he’d go out of his way to at least pull a vest or coat off one of the many enemies he’s taken down.

Or is it that his ego has grown to the point where he thinks he doesn’t need any kind of vest to get by?

Dale North