New Uncharted 2 multiplayer to be tested on you

Players who start up Uncharted 2 for a little multiplayer romp will see a new playlist today. This new playlist, “The Lab,” is going to be an ongoing playlist which will be used for testing out gameplay variants on the gaming public.

Every other weekend going forward, The Lab will be opening up. For its inaugural weekend, that being May 28th through June 1st, The Lab will contain 2 on 2 team deathmatch in small to medium maps with a target score of 25 kills in 15 minutes. And to celebrate all of this new stuff, they’re even making it a double cash weekend. Enticing!

I think this is a great idea. There are plenty of ways games can be tweaked and there’s no better way of finding out what people are going to want to play than to have them play it and tell you. Plus, players get to feel like they’re in on the ground floor of something. Everybody wins.

Who’s going to try out The Lab this weekend?

UNCHARTED 2: New Multiplayer Playlist “The Lab,” and new PSN Avatars [PlayStation Blog]

Conrad Zimmerman