New Twisted Metal! Jaffe: ‘Soon bitch!’

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Last night at the AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards in Las Vegas, David Jaffe may have gotten caught up in the moment and confirmed a new Twisted Metal as his next project.

1UP believes it heard an audience member shout out for a new Twisted Metal title, while the developer was presenting an award. Jaffe responded.

“Soon, bitch!” he said, in typical Jaffe fashion. “Eight or nine months.”

Jaffe and his studio Eat, Sleep, Play have been developing a PlayStation 3 title, which has long been rumored to be a new title in vehicular combat series. It’s been a long time coming — the last game in the series was Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition, an updated “port” of the PSP title, Twisted Metal: Head-On.

Did David Jaffe Just Refer to Twisted Metal? [1UP]

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