New Turok screens, videos and gameplay details bring on the dinogore

Velociraptors are jerks. Totally paid-up, ten gallon jerks. They’re fast, clever, always bring their friends to a fight, and back all of that up by having an unnecessarily large set of toe cutlery and a head full of razor blades. If a ‘raptor were an insect, it would be a wasp. If it were a person, it would be a smaller toothed version of Celine Dion. Seriously. Utter jerks.

So with the ‘raptor’s jerkdom in no doubt, what better way to cleanse ourselves of his insidious, Jesus-hating aura than to watch him detonated and lacerated into a wide variety of dinosaur-themed fountains of red? None, I say, none at all. It is therefore highly fortunate indeed that IGN has got hold of a new set of images and videos depicting exactly that as part of its coverage of the new Turok game for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Hit the jump for the visual goodies and some new details, and check out the gallery for the screenshots, in accordance with the prophecy. 

[Thanks to the inimitable Blindside Dork for the tip, and AngelsDontBurn for some video help]

Things have definitely improved since the last time we saw the game. While it looked pretty back then, it definitely evoked thoughts of a Turok: Everything Covered In Vaseline Edition, such was the overly shiny nature of the dinosaurs and the excessive use of bloom lighting. Thankfully though, the designers seem to have wiped everything down with a damp cloth for the current iteration, and things are looking pretty damn good.

Some new gameplay details have also burst forth, like so many gushing arteries. Firstly, while there will obviously be a fair amount of wanton carnage, stealth kills will also play their part, with the sneaking up on of enemy troops and dinos leading to a whole range of third-person QTE dispatching scenes. Blending quickly and seamlessly into the first-person action, these moves also occur when Turok is pounced upon by something considerably larger and heavier than himself, with button-bashing the order of the day if he wants to keep his skull in the three-dimensional fashion to which he has become accustomed.

Weapons and environments also bring a fair bit of variety to the big T’s killing options, with secondary fire options on every gun allowing a range of distraction and assault approaches, while dinosaur eggs can be smashed in order to incite an understandably displeased mother ‘raptor to do your splattering for you. 

Add to his the now obligatory multi-skilled back-up squad and a 16-man multiplayer which forces the player to contend with dinosaurs as well as the human opposition, and things seem to be coming along rather nicely in the run up to the game’s early 2008 release.

Continue downwards for a few of the videos, all handily spliced together in Gametrailers format, as the IGN originals unfortunately don’t seem too friendly with our blog software. Big apologies in advance for the glitchy nature of the first half and the general darkness. We’ll work on replacing them with better versions as they become available. 


David Houghton