New trailer reveals that Guile is still into Sonic Booms, hairstyle maintenance

Also, sick flag tatoos

Something about Guile’s new look just seems off to me. He looks more like a pushy TSA agent who is way too into his job than a military badass. Maybe it’s the lack of camouflage pants?

In any case, he still has the moves. This new character trailer shows off Guile’s SFV bag of tricks (that are mostly the same as his old tricks, but faster and flashier). He’s got the classics like his aerial back-breaker and spinning back fist punch, but also some new additions like multi-shot Sonic Booms and a delayed floating projectile that looks like a good way to cover an advance or trap an opponent in the corner.

Would you judge me if I told you the thing that excited me most about this trailer is the little crouching scootch he does? I love the idea of charging a Flash Kick while crab walking towards an opponent, even if it looks silly as hell. As a lifelong member of the Down+Back Forever club, the idea of actually moving while charging a move is revolutionary stuff.

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