New trailer for Renegade Kid’s DS title Moon is surprisingly epic, too short

Really, a trailer like this for a Nintendo DS game — this one for Renegade Kid’s Moon — doesn’t come around very often. The epic voice over, and the bumping original music.

That music! Damn, man, you hear that bass? Makes me want to start a party right here, right now. You know, with a lot of grinding and drugs. Or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

Oh, and the game doesn’t look half bad either. A first-person shooter using similar technology to Renegade Kid’s other DS title, Dementium, Moon features an impressive, fully-3D environment. The plot involves U.S. moon research that finds scientists opening a mysterious hatch, where they find secret Dharma Initiative documents which they explore only to encounter bad news bears and other horrors. And yes, you do play as what is essentially a “space marine,” but no word on whether or not you’re bald underneath those suits. 

Moon ships on November 18.


Nick Chester