New trailer for No More Heroes begs the question: WTF?

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Blood squirting decapitations, pounding techno music, over the top sword battles! And this game will be up on my shelf right next to Elebits. WTF, indeed.

I am one of the few people in this world that actually bought, let alone loved, Killer 7 on the GameCube. I thought it was a very stylized, sleek piece of pop video game art. When I heard the creator of that hidden gem, Suda 51, was making a spiritual sequel on the Wii I was more than excited.

This new trailer for No More Heroes is confusing, to say the least. But what it lacks in clarity it makes up for in style. The game sports some pretty cool graphics and, if the quick snippets can be believed, some really innovative uses of the Wiimote (was that a slot machine I saw pop up after that guy got his head chopped off?).

Hopefully the frame rate will improve before the game is eventually released, but, in the meantime, color me very intrigued.

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