New trailer for Blacksite: Area 51 has ALIENS in it!

Do you want to know a really disappointing game? Midway’s Area 51 for the PlayStation 2. As well as having David “should never try to act or breathe” Duchovny in it, the game was just horrendous for starting off excellently, then devolving into incredibly dull, bland and uninspired FPS pap that had no sense of charm or fun whatsoever. So what is it about Midway’s newest shooter bearing the Area 51 moniker that deserves interest? Well, first of all, the demo for it on Xbox Live is actually pretty good. This new trailer for Blacksite: Area 51 also promises much shallow but satisfying shooting action.

This is, however, a Midway game, and the chaps at Midway are masters of hit-and-miss. It’s a toss up at this point as to whether or not Blacksite can cut the mustard on a console already crammed with first person shooters, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. If anything, the mindless blasting of Starship Troopers style aliens is always good for a quick laugh. Is anybody looking forward to this one, or are we skeptical of the chance of seeing a good Area 51 game?

Jim Sterling