New trailer and screens for DS RPG A Witch’s Tale

We keep hearing tidbits about the scribbly, touch-action DS game A Witch’s Tale, but we haven’t actually seen much of it yet. The dark fairy tale role-playing game has great art and an interesting cast, but that tells us nothing about game play. Thankfully, NIS America has released a new trailer that shows a bit about how the game is played, with game play footage included.

In battle, you simply select a skill, pick it up and drag it with your DS stlys, drop it, and then watch things happen from your choices. You’ll trace runes to cast spells, too. There’s also babysitting vampires and creepy dolls to collect. The whole thing comes off as a combination of a Lost Magic type game formula with some of that dark Disgaea humor. That sounds like somethingh that could work.

A Witch’s Tale is set to release on the Nintendo DS in the fall of this year. For now, check out the gallery below and the trailer after the jump.

Dale North