All new TMs and how to craft them in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

It’s time to make some moves.

Pokemon TM Machine

For as long as Pokémon has existed as a game series, there have been Technical Machines, or TMs, that can teach certain Pokémon special moves that they might not normally learn. This is a strategic move that players can make in order to maintain a competitive edge over their opponents. 

With Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask comes a flurry of new and familiar TMs to experiment with against the new and familiar ‘mons in the Kitakami region. It’s worth noting that, in order to make these new TMs, you’ll need to find a TM Machine — they can usually be found next to Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Shops — as well as plenty of raw materials/league points (LP).

All new TMs and how to craft them in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

TM No.NameRequired Resources
TM172Roar200 LP
3x Poochyena Fang
2x Houndour Fang
TM173Charge400 LP
3x Pichu Fur
TM174Haze400 LP
2x Feebas Scales
TM175Toxic800 LP
3x Ekans Fang
3x Koffing Gas
TM176Sand Tomb400 LP
3x Sandshrew Claw
2x Diglett Dirt
TM177Spite200 LP
2x Duskull Fragment
2x Gastly Gas
TM178Gravity400 LP
2x Cleffa Fur
4x Nosepass Fragment
TM179Smack Down800 LP
3x Geodude Fragment
3x Carbink Jewel
TM180Gyro Ball10,000 LP
4x Nosepass Fragment
2x Bronzor Fragment
TM181Knock Off14,000 LP
4x Corphish Shell
4x Seedot Stem
TM182Bug Bite3,000 LP
2x Yanma Spike
2x Surskit Syrup
2x Sewaddle Leaf
TM183Super Fang5,000 LP
3x Sandshrew Claw
3x Tandemaus Fur
TM184Vacuum Wave3,000 LP
3x Riolu Fur
2x Croagunk Poison
TM185Lunge5,000 LP
3x Sewaddle Leaf
3x Kricketot Shell
TM186High Horsepower5,000 LP
2x Swinub Hair
4x Mudbray Mud
TM187Icicle Spear10,000 LP
3x Swinub Hair
3x Snorunt Fur
TM188Scald8,000 LP
3x Poltchageist Powder
3x Slowpoke Claw
TM189Heat Crash8,000 LP
4x Slugma Lava
2x Munchlax Fang
TM190Solar Blade12,000 LP
4x Seedot Stem
2x Sewaddle Leaf
TM191Uproar5,000 LP
4x Lotad Leaf
2x Chingling Fragment
TM192Focus Punch8,000 LP
3x Timburr Sweat
3x Jangmo-o Scales
TM193Weather Ball1,500 LP
3x Vulpix Fur
3x Petilil Leaf
TM194Grassy Glide10,000 LP
3x Bellsprout Vine
3x Seedot Stem
TM195Burning Jealousy8,000 LP
2x Litwick Soot
2x Vulpix Fur
2x Mimikyu Scrap
TM196Flip Turn5,000 LP
2x Basculin Fang
2x Veluza Fillet
2x Finizen Mucus
TM197Dual Wingbeat5,000 LP
3x Ducklett Feather
3x Bombirdier Feather
TM198Poltergeist14,000 LP
2x Litwick Soot
2x Phantump Twig
2x Duskull Fragment
TM199Lash Out5,000 LP
3x Vullaby Feather
2x Pawniard Blade
2x Poochyena Fang
TM200Scale Shot10,000 LP
2x Jangmo-o Scales
2x Gible Scales
2x Arrokuda Scales
TM201Misty Explosion14,000 LP
2x Carbink Jewel
3x Cleffa Fur
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