New Terminator Salvation trailer plus a Bale gallery too!

The Terminator Salvation trailer hype train continues to move forward. We’ve seen some action; we’ve seen some split-screen, now it’s time for … more action! I love the Terminator franchise and I’ll know I’ll at least play the game, but these trailers just aren’t doing it for me. 

Like Brad “I can bench press a T-Rex” Nicholson, I too am having a hard time grasping how easy it is to kill a Terminator. Even Terminators have a hard time killing their own kind, as displayed in various episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Have you been watching the show? I want a third season to actually happen, dammit. 

Anyway, you can check out the trailer after the jump which features a few different classes of the Terminator robots including the motorcycle Terminators. Speaking of which, I heard from someone that recently saw the Terminator Salvation movie say that the motorcycle scene is the best part of the movie. Cool.

Also, enjoy the Christian Bale gallery! See ladies, I’m an equal opportunity sexiest! 

Hamza Aziz