New Terminator arcade game makes robot killing seem fun

While we weren’t particularly impressed by the Terminator: Salvation third-person action game that recently hit consoles, this might be more our speed — a full arcade cabinet, gun peripherals and all.

Reader Malovane sent over these snaps of a prototype cabinet for a long-rumored Terminator: Salvation game. The cabinet — which is playable at an undisclosed test location — features two guns, and a “sneak preview” version of the full game. The title is developed by the guys who brought the hyper-popular Big Buck Hunter games, Play Mechanix, in conjunction with Raw Thrills; no word if you can shoot terminators in their mechanical lungs. 

We had a blast with the ridiculous Rambo game when it was released in Japan last year. Here’s hoping we can get our hands on some plastic guns to shoot up some metal later this year.

Nick Chester